Pre-req:  Successful completion of Comp/World Lit II

American Literature is organized around two principles. First, analysis of literature is a process in which students must engage primary and secondary resources to understand the full breadth of the literature, thus allowing for a depth of knowledge adequate to formulation of argumentative thought. Second, writing is a complex, extended process that must be examined to be mastered. This process includes revision, which is used both as an investigative tool and as a critical component of the writing process. Through extensive reading, analysis, writing, revision, research, and discussion, students will explore and develop the following learning outcomes:

  • Rhetorical Knowledge (Organization, style, and format)
  • Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing (Textual analysis)
  • Processes (Write, Revise, Analyze)
  • Knowledge of Literature (Learning about primary and secondary sources)

Course Description:

Pre-req: Meeting application deadlines, B+ grade for both freshmen and sophomore English and social studies classes, a minimum combined PLAN score of 21, and teacher recommendation.

Students entering this course should possess fundamental skills in inquiry (research), analysis, and informed argument. Experiences with nonfiction are integral in understanding that writing has a purposeful, interactive value and transcends the skills that are assessed on the AP Exam. Composing responses to exam prompts is not the primary writing skill students are expected to develop in the class. Instead, they should gain considerable practice in reading a wide variety of literary and nonfiction texts in order to find out what others are thinking, saying and doing in the world. Familiarity with these conversations will help students become informed and rhetorically competent writers who not only consider the views of others but use writing as a way to formulate and convey their own responses.

Composition and World Literature II Honors

Journalism A and B is a full year course, UC certified, and in the English Department. The study includes current events as reported in major news venues.  Students begin writing exploration on subjects of their choice, learning how to select a topic and research and/ or conduct an interview. The coursework centers on writing and design pertaining to newspapers and our school newspaper, THE BRAVE.  Students learn to write multi-draft, peer edited articles in news, features, sports, and commentary under the direction of the teacher and in collaboration with the student editors of THE BRAVE.