Exploring Art is a year long course intended to introduce students to the Elements & Principles of Art, media and processes, Art History, art criticism, and careers in art. The lessons will incorporate student text, narrative lessons, and studio production. Art will be criticized from a rich variety of cultures and historical range. Students and parents can supplement the lessons with online tutorials, quizzes and virtual museum tours at art.glencoe.com.

Ceramics provides all students with an opportunity for creative expression and cognitive development in a nonverbal way. Students will learn about the history of ceramics and will create sculptural and functional pieces. Students will critique their work and plan out elaborate projects. Students will fully participate in every class and do their part in keeping a clean learning environment. Assessment is based on effort and improvement regardless of entry-level skills or personal aptitude.

An introduction to drawing with an emphasis on various styles:contour drawing, gesture sketching, tonal rendering, cross hatching, and  stippling. Students will be introduced to rendering still life, landscapes, portraiture and figure drawing. The mediums used are graphite, charcoal, conte crayon, and pen & ink. Beyond studio projects students will research artists and be responsible for independent gallery critiques. A final digital portfolio of work will be produced from Semester projects.